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Original Design and Artwork by Kate Claringbould

Dimensions without Frame: 11 inches x 14 inches x 1/8 inches

Dimensions with Frame: Not applicable.

Frame: Unframed

Matting and mounting: Unmounted

Artwork: Golden acrylic paint, canvas MDF panel

How was it made: painted by the artist Kate Claringbould

Hanging Weight: 9.5oz


The Black Swallowtail caterpillar is a gorgeous caterpillar. Until this year, these caterpillars have arrived every summer in my backyard and I love to watch them grow and morph into butterflies, along with their relatives the Monarch. Unfortunately, many people in my surrounding neighborhood view caterpillars as pests and spray their entire gardens, killing or hurting all insect life in the process and the creatures higher in the food chain that depend on them for sustenance.


With my series of Future Butterfly artworks, (both paintings and bead mosaics) I want to raise the profile of the humble caterpillar. I want people to see how beautiful these creatures can be in their own right and to remind people that they are an essential part of our garden if we want them to complete their life cycle into butterflies. I want to encourage people to search for better methods at surviving the summer caterpillar season without requiring that all insects shall perish.


My Future Butterfly painting and bead mosaics represent the seasons when we normally see caterpillars: spring, summer and fall.

Future Butterfly Painting

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Purchased original artwork and realized it does not fit into your decor?From the date received you have 14 days to decide and notify Kate of KaLiaMosaics that you no longer intend to keep the art.  A full refund will be provided (less the cost of shipping you the artwork (proof of shipping costs will be provided)).

    You have 30 days in which to return the artwork. Artwork must be returned in original packaging (with all accompanying documentation) and in its original condition. Buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

    Artwork arrives damaged? Please contact Kate of KaLiaMosaics to discuss returns, refunds or repairs. Please have photos ready to provide to show the nature of the damage.

  • Please contact Kate of KaLiaMosaics to receive a custom quote with shipping costs included.

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