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Original Design and Artwork by Kate Claringbould

Dimensions without Frame: 6 inches x 6 inches x 0.5 inches

Dimensions with Frame: 9 7/8 inches x 9 7/8 inches x 1 1/8 inches

Frame: White wood

Matting and mounting: Artwork is mounted to an off-white ceramic tile secured inside the frame with framing points. A dust jacket is provided on the back to provide a neat and uniform backing.

Artwork: Created using Apoxie Sculpt, Miyuki glass beads and a glass substrate. Sealed with polyurethane.

Hours to make: over 20 hours.

How was it made: Each bead was placed by hand one by one by the artist Kate Claringbould

Hanging Weight: 2lbs 13oz


For many decades they have sat together at the top of the beach looking out over the water. Small bathing boxes built for the people’s convenience. They appear as a symbol of permanence, brightly colored and fixed to their location.Looks can be deceiving however. Permanence is not a part of the world we live in. Nature and time can bring great changes. The bathhouses are there, but the beach underneath them is disappearing.We people do not cope well with the change. The bath houses were built to stay. Thus, like Sisyphus with his boulder, we spend many hours rebuilding the beach. Can we stem the change in tides or will the ebb and flow of nature triumph?

Bathhouse Beach Bead Mosaic

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Purchased original artwork and realized it does not fit into your decor?From the date received you have 14 days to decide and notify Kate of KaLiaMosaics that you no longer intend to keep the art.  A full refund will be provided (less the cost of shipping you the artwork (proof of shipping costs will be provided)).

    You have 30 days in which to return the artwork. Artwork must be returned in original packaging (with all accompanying documentation) and in its original condition. Buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

    Artwork arrives damaged? Please contact Kate of KaLiaMosaics to discuss returns, refunds or repairs. Please have photos ready to provide to show the nature of the damage.

  • Please contact Kate of KaLiaMosaics to receive a custom quote with shipping costs included.

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