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Two Worlds Reflected: A personal piece

This piece ended up becoming an incredibly personal piece, a reflection almost of where I come from and who I am. I see it as a reflection of Sunrise and Sunset, North and South, Child and Adult, two worlds connected by a thin line.

AUSTRALIA: Sunset. A child in the Southern Hemisphere.

As a child I grew up watching the sun set outside the huge back windows of my childhood home in Australia. Every night was different and spectacular and full of my favorite colors - bright reds, strong oranges, brilliant yellows, vivid pinks and purples, just like the country to which I belonged. As a child, the sunset was the thing I always saw, a house facing west meant sunrises were usually over by the time I made it outside. Sunsets in Australia gave me a huge sense of space and of being a small part of a large world, a world that stretched forever.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Sunrise. An adult in the northern hemisphere.

As an adult I left Australia and went northwards to America. In the USA, my world flipped. I started to see sunrises more than sunsets (work and traffic helps!) and saw that they shared the same colors as the sunsets I had watched as a child, yet they were slightly different. The colors were softer here, the horizon was less expansive in the area I settled. Now when I look out the horizon ends at the trees, the sense of space and of being a small speck in an infinite universe is no longer present. I have wondered about this change in the sense of space. Is it due to the sheer number of people? Physically there are many more people in the USA than Australia will ever hope to see. Is it because I am older? I am an adult now and as a result the world shrinks down in size and is less overwhelming. In the end though I think it comes to something ephemeral- the light. The light in Australia is different to here. It is bright, strong and intense, and thus it creates a different color palette and a different experience to where I now reside. I am still to visit, but I imagine based on the paintings I have seen, that the light in Santa Fe has similar properties to the light in Australia and perhaps then it shares that same sense of unbounded horizons too. When creating “Two Worlds Reflected” I set out to create a straight forward piece about a reflection. I instead feel that this work took on a direction of its own: it reflects how I see each place that I call home.

© 2021

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