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May 2023: What am I working on?

"My Ocean Home": 24x34.75" unframed

I love the meaning behind this piece and look forward to sharing more soon. I. am working on the final draft of what I want to say. Needless to say, this piece is almost ready for formal photos, it just needs a backing to be added to the frame to give it the final polished feeling.

"The Sunset Evening": 8x10" unframed

This is complete, but as always frames can take the longest to arrive! A custom frame is being manufactured for this one. I am excited to see it all together when it comes.

"Ocean Sunset": 8x10" unframed

Another one waiting for its custom frame. The store was busy and I expect at least another month before it comes in!

"To be Named": 8x10" unframed

I am yet to name this piece. Want to share any ideas? Send me a message! As you can see I am starting to incorporate other materials into my bead mosaics. This piece has glass rounds, stones and rhinestones in addition to the beads.

"Hope": 24x30" unframed

Hope is proceeding quickly. She has come together better than even I hoped for and I look forward to making more progress over the month and months to come!

"Yet to be Named" 6ft x 3ft

I actually have several new designs in the works right now at various stages of completion that I am yet to share here. However I wanted to share this one as a work yet to come. As it is so large I will share my beading progress as it is developed along the way!


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