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Life on the Wing

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

People have asked me where my designs come from and I’ll often say “my imagination” and of course that is always the truth, but not quite, because often my imagination is based on some aspect of reality. It’s just how I view it might be different to others.

For example the background for this butterfly did come from my imagination, but it also comes from how I see and imagine the world. When you look at the butterfly in the sky you might see a flame red/orange creature against a beautiful blue sky. You might see the sky as a flat, static background. A deep stillness with nothing in it except a color. When I look at it I envision it as I imagine Van Gogh did, with currents flying across its surface, sweeping all and sundry in its path. I imagine the butterfly surrounded by winds buffeting it on its journey across the country from its place of hibernation to my back door. I see the winds as existing in this sky and being a visual rather than invisible component. And I see each generation of butterflies travelling a little further through these winds until finally they arrive at my garden and come to rest and produce offspring for the next journey onwards or homeward.

So you say: I see the winds, but your background is not blue! This does not fit with your description above. Well I confess, originally my background was blue, (and spoiler alert: I did start a blue version of this butterfly) but then with version two I started to think about the butterfly and life and how it was attracted to the flowers in my garden. So I chose the pale yellow background to represent food and nourishment from plants along the way. This created the lifecycle of a butterfly! Wind and food. Or ”Life on the Wing”.

This piece is currently in storage at the Museum of Beadwork waiting for their formal opening later in 2022.

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