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Kate Claringbould's Paintings

Check out my artwork below. Do you see something you like? Currently my available pieces can be purchased here

Ocean Sunrise

Red Sunrise.jpg

I sit there in front of the desk listening to them talk. "It is important that you be normal," they say "just like everyone else. You will not function in society if you are not normal." I stare back. "What is normal?" I ask. 


To me, they missed the point. Normal does not exist. It is a construct that is defined from generation to generation. Normal in the 18th century is not equivalent to normal now. There is a reason for this, if we were all the same we would never grow and develop. We would still be living the lives we started all those millennia ago.


It is our differences that allows for the interplay of new ideas, new perspectives, new voices, new songs, new artworks. If I saw the world as you did, we would paint the same art and something would be lost. So I stand before you bringing my own perspective to what I do. And please know, I am not normal... and neither are you!

Artwork Size: 8x10 inches

Ocean Sunset

Ocean sunset_edited.jpg

Sunrises and sunsets allow us to see nature's palette hard at work. We get to see colors travel across the sky, varying and changing in each moment. Every second there is another amazing artwork begging to be immortalized. Yet how can we keep up? The very act of taking a photo diminishes the enjoyment of this slideshow. Painting in real time is impossible for as soon as brush hits the paper the masterpiece has moved on to a new one. So I stand there watching for as long as I can. I do my best to absorb and immortalize the colors of this sunset (or sunrise), but I know that memories are unreliable at best and that tomorrow the exact specifics of the world before me will become blurred blending with others that have come before.

Artwork Size: 8x10 inches

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