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The Artist: Katharine Claringbould

Katharine Claringbould was born and bred in Australia. Her childhood was spent exploring the Australian landscape on many driving and camping trips with her family. During these trips she was introduced to the colors and intensity of bushland, tropics, deserts and many places in between. She often states that her love of color comes from those days in the bush. The vivid reds, vibrant blues and jewel greens noted on those trips are often present in her artwork creating bright cheerful splashes of color.


In young adulthood Katharine left all she knew behind and ventured to the USA to study, eventually permanently immigrating and settling in Virginia near Washington DC with her American husband, two cats and a dog. It was during this transitional period that Katharine was introduced to the world of beads by her sister. Katharine loved the sparkle, the shine that beads created. For over a decade, she used beads to create beautiful peyote stitch bracelets, focusing on her love of animals and nature.

In 2020 while home during the pandemic, Katharine was introduced to the world of tile and glass mosaics. She very quickly realized that what can be done with tile and glass could also be done using beads. Very quickly Katharine's love of beads and new-found love of mosaics combined into unique and amazing pieces. In 2021 she submitted one of her earliest creations to the Museum of Beadwork's Wings and Stings competition. This artwork won Best in Category (Tapestry), (Best in Category (Tapestry) covered all 2D artworks submitted to the competition) and will be displayed at the Museum of Beadwork along with other artwork from the competition when the museum opens in 2022.

Currently Katharine is working on new bead mosaics. Sign up for her newsletter to be notified of when new bead mosaics are available!