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Currently select pieces of artwork can be purchased in person at:
Arches Art Gallery
Building 9, Workhouse Arts Center (and the Gift Shop, Building 16)

9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA 22079, USA.

I use beads to express myself as I love the way they shine and change depending on the light, the type of bead and how you place them. They remind me of myself and of human nature. We also live, breathe and change, always dynamic, never static, glowing softly one minute, shining brightly the next. I place the beads in Apoxie Sculpt (Apoxie Sculpt is a waterproof, permanent epoxy-type modeling clay which once dry, does not allow for corrections) and I begin to write, knowing that as each bead is placed it will become an exploration of myself, of materials and techniques and of what together we are able to learn and achieve.

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